North Airfield Low Level Windshear Alert System | O'Hare Modernization Program

Knight provided professional consultant services for the design of the North Airfield Low Level Windshear Alert Systems (LLWAS) serving O’Hare International Airport. Knight’s work included the preparation of construction documents for a single bid package for new and relocated LLWAS facilities #2, #3, #20 and # 23 in support of new Runway RL-27R. Engineering services required to complete the project include horizontal and vertical geometry for access roads and parking, earthwork, drainage, pavement sections, fencing, signing, pavement markings, provisions for commercial power supply, tower foundations, tower and associated support items, details, erosion and sedimentation controls, construction safety and phasing plans, specifications, quantities and an Engineer's opinion of probable costs. Knight was responsible for coordinating with affected stakeholders including the O’Hare Modernization Program, Federal Aviation Administration, the Illinois Tollway and others.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Site Planning
  • Contract Documents
  • Permitting
  • Cost Estimates