Illinois Tollway Toll Collection and Maintenance | Illinois Tollway

Knight has provided Phase I, II and III professional engineering and architectural design services for toll plaza improvements on the Northwest, North-South, East-West and Tri-State Tollways. Knight designed a new prototype for the Tollway System’s toll collection facilities required as the Authority introduced I-Pass transponder technology and continued to move to an “open-road tolling” system. This tolling concept enables I-Pass holders to keep moving with traffic flow as I-Pass transponders are charged by overhead electronic toll-collectors. Motorists without I-Pass are directed to a ramp and toll collection facility to the side of main Tollway lanes.  Additional Phase I services include interchange configuration studies, the development of alternates for the relocation of existing plaza facilities and environmental studies. Phase II services include the preparation of contract plans and specifications, mainline widening, the expansion of toll collection facilities, including the installation of automatic toll ramp plazas and I-PASS only lanes.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Architecture
  • Structural Engineering
  • Communications System Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Site Engineering
  • Roadway Engineering
  • Construction Inspection