Oases Site Master Plan | Illinois Tollway

Knight prepared an Oasis Site Master Plan to improve safety and provide a smoother transition into the site while minimizing the conflicts between automobiles desiring the various services offered at the Oasis. The Plan illustrates the decision points that the driver would encounter upon entering the Oasis and incorporates a defined split for the automobile traffic based on their destination. The Plan includes a linear traffic flow, which moves easily without creating any counter currents of vehicular traffic. The linear flow of traffic eliminates multi-directional vehicular paths and lessens the chance of collisions. Truck circulation patterns were designed to take advantage of left-turn moves, improving the truck driver’s visibility and maneuverability. The Plan includes an expanded truck parking area with spaces designed to eliminate backing movements and providing sufficient room for easy entry.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Master Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Complete Engineering Services