Bachelors Avenue to STH 73 South, USH 10 | Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Knight completed all preliminary and final design services to produce a final PS&E submittal for the pavement maintenance of USH 10 in Clark County, Wisconsin. The project limits were Bachelors Avenue to STH 73 South and included the milling of 2.25 inches of existing asphaltic pavement and overlay with four inches of HMA pavement on 7.5 miles of USH 10. The work included new pavement marking, necessary sign upgrades/replacements, culvert replacement or rehabilitation and upgrade of beam guard and beam guard end treatments. The project deliverables included preliminary plans, traffic control plan, signing plan, environmental document, transportation management plan, design study report, pre PS&E and final PS&E.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Preliminary Plans
  • Traffic Control Plan
  • Signing Plan
  • Environmental Document
  • Design Study Report
  • Pre PS&E
  • Final PS&E