Cermak/Blue Island Sustainable Stormwater Management | Chicago Department of Transportation

Knight provided design engineering services for the Chicago Department of Transportation Cermak/Blue Island Sustainable Streetscape (Halsted St. to Western Ave.) considered by many to be the Greenest Street in America. The project included numerous key green initiatives such as water efficiency, energy conservation, reducing heat island effect, wind energy, solar energy and sustainable storm water management. The Sustainable Storm Water Management Plan incorporated several water quality and storm water volume reduction elements. The sustainable storm water goal was to divert 80 percent of the typical annual rainfall that fell on the Cermak/Blue Island project right-of-way away from the City’s combined sewers system. This presented a significant challenge since the project is located in area where infiltration testing identified the underlying soils as having a very low permeability rates. Knight accomplished this goal through the use of over 200 lineal feet of bio-swales, 20,000 square feet of permeable pavers, and 30 infiltration planters. These features were designed to improve water quality and promote infiltration while maintaining the current roadway drainage system.