Illinois Route 60/83 Study – Phase I | Illinois Department of Transportation

Knight is providing Phase I Engineering - Combined Design Report for the widening/reconstruction of 3.5 mile of IL 60/83 in Lake County from IL 176 to the EJ&E Railroad. The existing roadway is a two lane undivided rural roadway cross section with shoulders and roadside ditches. The planned improvements calls for widening IL 60/83 to two lanes in each direction, center median, curb and gutter and enclosed drainage system. The widening and conversion of a rural cross section and open drainage to an urban cross section with a closed drainage system creates significant storm water related challenges.

Knight is preparing a Phase I, Location Drainage Study (LDS) in accordance with the Illinois Department of Transportation requirements. The LDS includes 24 drainage outlet evaluation, several drainage alternatives, preliminary storm sewer design, detention analysis, floodplain evaluation and consideration local agency ordinances. The project also includes the preparation of a Hydraulic Report at a Major Culvert Crossing into Diamond Lake.