Various Phase I Bridges | Illinois Department of Transportation

Knight obtained Project Report Design Approval form IDOT/FHWA for seven separate Phase I bridge projects under a Various/Various contract with IDOT District 1. Five of the seven bridges are over waterways requiring extensive hydraulic analysis. Two of those bridge projects required hydrologic work using HEC-1 to develop flows for a creek with a watershed area of over 45 square miles. These flows were utilized hydraulic modeling of the existing and new structures. Three of those five bridge projects required Hydraulic Reports in accordance with IDOT policy for bridges over FEMA studied waterways. The Hydraulic Reports include evaluating approach roadway flooding, preparing technical memoranda, stream/river survey, scour analysis, and hydraulic modeling and preparation for each structure analyzed. Environmental work included preparation of an environmental survey requests, coordination of agency clearinghouse responses and impact analysis. Structural work included detailed inspection of the existing structures, preparation of a bridge condition surveys and assessments as well as bridge condition reports.