Thorn Creek Bicycle Trail | Forest Preserve District of Cook County

Knight provided professional engineering design services for the preparation of contract plans and documents for construction of a 10-foot wide bicycle trail along the old CSX Railroad for a distance of two miles through the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. Knight prepared contract documents, including bridge plans, specifications and a construction cost estimate for the bicycle trail. A full topographic study, tree survey, wetland delineation, Section 404 permit application, endangered and threatened species coordination, and drainage structure survey were completed. A bridge/structural analysis for the existing CSX railroad bridge was performed. Knight also provided design options for the conversion of the existing CSX railroad bridges into bike/pedestrian bridges. Knight developed three alternatives for the trail. Knight's services included permit review, coordination and preparation, preparation of planning/design concepts based on site analysis.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Bicycle Trail Design
  • Contract Documents
  • Construction Cost Estimate
  • Bridge/Structural Analysis
  • Wetland Delineation